Steel walls and fences

WalMax steel wall and fence are developed on the design and production advantages of Green (Tianjin) Technology Development Co. Ltd. Based on his research achievements on wind, sand, snow and dust prevention and control, integrating environmental improvement and safety protection, we add new product lines to the existing traditional walls and fences. Steel wall and fence are more economic than the concrete wall, brick wall, wood strucure wall and many other traditional walls. The easy and quick installation lowers its construction cost. Made of high quality aluminized zinc and galvanized steel, then electrostatic powder coated, the wall and fence are of high strength and rigidity, colorful and neat appearance, good anti-corrosion performance. The life span is longer than 15 years without maintenance. The wall itself is anti-climbing and guard against theft. Wire mesh and other security facilities can be installed on top of the steel wall and fence.