Where to use

  • Solid Steel Wall

    Solid Steel Wall

    A substitute of traditional brick walls. A good choice for areas that need good privacy and safety.

    Solid steel wall is more economic than the concrete wall, brick wall, wood structure wall and many other traditional walls.Made of high quality aluminized zinc and galvanized steel, then electrostatic powder coated, the wall is of high strength and rigidity, colorful and neat appearance, good anti-corrosion performance. The life span is longer than 15 years without maintenance.

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  • Perforated Heavy Steel Fence

    Perforated Heavy Steel Fence

    Not only a fence, but also a windbreak. Reduce the wind and supply a better micro-environment.

    Perforated heavy steel fence has all the functions of fencing in common idea. In addition, proper aperture ratio extends the wall with windbreak and heat preservation functions.


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  • Light Steel Fence

    Light Steel Fence

    Made of perforated steel panel. Using as common fencing.

    The fence posts and panels are prefabricated to allow for fast and easy assembly. Square pipe is used as the posts. Electrostatic powder coated panels make the fence more beautiful and colorful. 

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  • Portable Steel Fence

    Portable Steel Fence

    Popular for construction sites, warehouse, indoor and outdoor events, and sporting events.

    Portable steel fence is a temporary separation. It is popular for construction sites, warehouse, indoor and outdoor events, and sporting events. The fences are portable and lightweight, but strong and sturdy. 

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  • Retaining Wall

    Retaining Wall

    Maintain the stability of soil slope, preventing it from sliding and collapsing.

    Retaining walls are structures designed to restrain soil to unnatural slopes. They are used to bound soils between two different elevations often in areas of terrain possessing undesirable slopes or in areas where the landscape needs to be shaped severely and engineered for more specific purposes like hillside farming or roadway overpasses.

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  • Raised Garden Bed

    Raised Garden Bed

    A garden built on top of your native soil, fairly easy to construct, even easier to maintain.

    If your summer daydreams include a bountiful garden full of fresh, homegrown vegetables and gorgeous flowers, there’s no better way to make it a reality than with a raised garden bed. 


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  • Greenbelt Snow Barrier

    Greenbelt Snow Barrier

    Protect plants from cold and wind as well as snow-dissolving agent in winter.

      In the cold, dry and windy regions, some plant could not endure the cold weather, withered or even dead. After snow, salt is usually used as snow-dissolving agent. The snow with dissolving agent piled up on the greenbelt, causing massive death of plants.
    Steel greenbelt snow barrier can effectively protect plants from cold and wind as well as snow-dissolving agent.

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  • Landscape /Garden Edging

    Landscape /Garden Edging

    Makes installing high quality landscape edging simple for do-it-yourselfers of any skill level.

    The edging is recyclable. No digging necessary. Just positon edging around any planting bed for a quick timesaving professional look. 

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